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Saturday, March 10, 2012

What's a Mom to Do?

It's hard enough being a working mom, but try being a working mom to two lazy English Bulldogs! All three of us are overweight. Just the thought of trying to walk my two girls, Bea Bea and Gracie, is enough to put me in the hospital for the week. Bea Bea is blind and won't walk in public--perfectly understandable. So, I have three different strollers for her. Gracie won't walk without Bea Bea, and won't walk on a leash. Trying to push a stroller and hold onto a leash, and keep Gracie from wrapping the leash around the wheels of the stroller, and trying to keep Gracie from getting run over by the stroller--well, you begin to get the picture. After walking the girls for about 10 minutes, I require about a 4 hour nap!


Michelle said...

You are invited to a linky party! When you think about your first year of teaching or when you switched grade levels, what do you wish you would have known before you began? Hop over to my blog and share your teaching tips!


Mary Rosenberg said...

I can still remember my first day of teaching. I was so young (21, almost 22) and looking out at those little faces. I gave some basic directions and realized that no one understood what I said! I had mostly second language learners!
I wish I knew then what I know now. Those first years teaching, I was flying blind. There was little help, support, guidance, or direction. It was just make up your own curriculum. There was little sharing, collaboration, or just "stuff" to do with the students.