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Friday, September 9, 2011

Taming the Paper Clutter

Like all teachers, the amount of papers to collect and grade and the amount of paper work to do can be overwhelming. The first step is to have a "system" that works for you. I use baskets with large labels. The labels include: Work (students' completed word), Copy (photocopying), Incomplete Work (for students to finish); File (students' corrected work), and File (teacher's important papers). The students' work basket is placed in the front of the classroom. The remaining baskets are on the back counter near my desk. If a parent drops in for a few minutes to help, they know to go to the File basket and file the students' completed work in each student's hanging file folder.
At the end of the day, I go through my baskets and take care of my paperwork.
Two tips:  One, don't get behind on the paperwork or it will become a mountain in a few days. Two, touch each paper once and do something with it!Don't keep handling the same piece of paper, note from the office or parent, or flyer---act on it, respond to it, file it, or toss it!

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